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Aluminium Milling

Alumininum, being an easily machinable material, is often processed using tools designed for cutting steel. However, SmiCut has expertly crafted solid carbide end mills specifically for aluminium to maximize productivity.

The flute and overall design of our aluminium end mills are tailored to the material’s properties, allowing for high removal rates and extended tool life. As our aluminium end mills are uncoated, their cost is lower than those designed for steel. Experience the exceptional performance of our end mills firsthand and witness the remarkable results!

Standard mills for aluminium

We offer a range of standard mills for aluminum with 2 or 3 flutes and diameters ranging from Ø2 up to Ø12. Depending if you machine pure aluminium or an aluminium alloy, both have their advantages.

The mills for aluminium are available from Ø2 up to Ø12.

Wave-formed Roughing End Mills

To achieve maximum productivity when machining, we recommend using our roughing end mills. These specially designed tools feature a wave-formed profile and a small 45° chamfer, resulting in a longer tool life and improved cutting performance.

Our roughing end mills are available in Ø6, Ø8, Ø10, and Ø12.

Choose roughing end mills for maximal productivity


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