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Thread Turning Tools

Discover our extensive range of thread turning tools, designed for both internal and external threading applications, with pitches up to 12 mm. We also offer specialised micro tools for intricate internal threading tasks.

FourCut: Revolutionising Threading Technology

SmiCut’s cutting-edge FourCut threading insert has established us as a global leader in threading tools. This exceptionally robust tool is designed to replace traditional triangular threading inserts for external threading, offering numerous advantages:

  • Cost-effective
  • Strength
  • Accessibility
  • Optimal Clerance

In addition, our grooving inserts can be used with the same toolholder as our threading inserts, streamlining your operations. To learn more about the advantages of FourCut, watch the video below or explore our detailed resources.

Extra Accessible Toolholders: Strength Meets Flexibility

SmiCut has engineered FourCut toolholders that provide exceptional accessibility without compromising on strength and stability. Our innovative design allows for seamless threading and grooving, ensuring your operations run smoothly and efficiently.