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About Us

Let us introduce SmiCut

Our History

SmiCut’s journey began over 60 years ago when the Schmidt family started developing and producing cutting tools. With their unwavering dedication and expertise, they established SmiCut in 1995, driven by a vision to create the finest Solid Carbide Thread Mills in the market.

This vision materialized in 2001 when their groundbreaking product was unveiled at EMO Hannover, an event that marked the beginning of SmiCut’s consistent presence at EMO exhibitions ever since. Our innovative spirit and commitment to quality have only grown stronger with time, as evidenced by the three generations of the Schmidt family working side by side at our company.

Our Products

At SmiCut, we pride ourselves on being a global leader in the development of threading tools. Our signature products, ThreadBurr (thread milling) and FourCut (thread turning) are a testament to our industry-leading expertise and unparalleled craftsmanship. By choosing SmiCut, you can trust that you are investing in cutting-edge solutions backed by generations of knowledge and experience.

  • 1995 – SmiCut is founded in Ludvika, Sweden
  • 2001 – Launching of Solid Carbide Thread Mills at EMO
  • 2007 – SmiProg, Software for Thread Milling
  • 2008 – ThreadBurr, Threading and Deburring
  • 2013 – SmiCut Online Store
  • 2015 – SmiCut invests in new machines from Rollomatic
  • 2017 – FourCut Thread Turning Tool is launched at EMO
  • 2019 – Expanded FourCut program, including Grooving Inserts
  • 2023 – Vibration-Free Thread Mills