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For Extra Accessibility

SmiCut has developed FourCut Toolholders that gives you extra accessibility when threading and grooving. The way the toolholder is designed means it maintains its strength and stability at the same time it has great accessibility. For many it will become the first choice toolholder for FourCut.

They are available in size 12, 16, 20 and 25 and the cost is only 10% higher than the standard FourCut Toolholder.

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FourCut extra accessibility

Maximum Allowable Access

When you are working between shoulders there is a limit of the accessibility which depends on the toolholder and the diameters of the workpiece.


Please look at the chart below for maximum allowable access with these toolholders. If you need even better accessibility you can modify the holder.

Chart of Accessibility (mm)



Chart of Accessibility (PDF)
FourCut Catalogue 2022 (PDF)


FourCut - Thread Turning from SmiCut
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