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Solid Carbide End Mills

Choose SmiCut’s Solid Carbide End Mills for a reliable, high-quality tool that delivers top-tier performance. Our LC grade (AlCrN-coated) end mills are the ideal choice for high-performance milling in all types of steel. Experience the numerous advantages of our LC grade end mills:

  1. Super Micrograin carbide
  2. Extremely tight tolerances
  3. High heat resistance coating
  4. Long tool life
  5. Best price-to-value ratio

Optimized for Aluminium

Our Solid Carbide End Mills for aluminium are engineered to deliver exceptional removal rates and an extended tool life. Specifically designed for optimal performance in aluminium applications. For maximum productivity, consider our roughing wave-formed end mills as well.

Mold and Die End Mills: High-Speed Cutting Solutions

SmiCut offers an extensive range of Mold and Die End Mills, designed for high-speed cutting applications. Our collection includes Micro End Mills as small as Ø0.1 mm, end mills with corner radius, ball nose options, and more. Many of these end mills are also available with a durable diamond coating for enhanced performance.

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Distributors Wanted

We are actively seeking distributors to expand the reach of our solid carbide end mills and strengthen the SmiCut brand. Contact us for detailed information about our sales terms, price lists, and more. In addition, we have a multitude of helpful resources to facilitate the sale of our products.

Learn more about our sales terms that could help you expand your business with our high-quality cutting tools.

For End Users

We deliver our solid carbide end mills to end users all around the world. In some regions, we have strong partnerships with local dealers. If we don’t have a suitable dealer in your region, we are happy to sell directly to you.

Please contact us for quotes on the tools that interest you. Payment can be made through international bank transfers or PayPal, which allows for same-day delivery.