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Sales and Shipping Policy

Sales Terms

We at SmiCut understand that different customers have different needs. Therefore, we offer tailored sales terms. For some customers, we provide a credit system, which allows you to buy now and pay later up to a certain credit limit. For those who aren’t eligible for credit, prepayment is an option we offer.


We’re always seeking to expand our reach at SmiCut by partnering with distributors. If you’re interested in joining us in delivering high-quality cutting tools, we encourage you to reach out for more details on sales terms, price lists, and more.

End Users

We supply cutting tools to end users worldwide. In regions where we have established partnerships with local distributors, we recommend purchasing through them. In areas where we don’t have a suitable distributor, we are more than willing to sell directly to you. Contact us for quotes on the tools you’re interested in.

Payment Methods

International Bank Transfer

The standard method of payment is through the SWIFT banking system. You can find the necessary payment information on the invoice you receive from us.


If you’re prepaying and want to ensure a quick transaction and same-day delivery, we recommend using PayPal. During your order placement, request a PayPal link. We will then make the necessary arrangements. Along with the order confirmation from us, you will also receive a separate email from PayPal requesting you to pay the specified amount of the order. PayPal allows for flexible payment methods, including credit cards and other local payment options.

Shipping Information

Order before 4 p.m. Western Europe time and we will ship same day if we have the tools in stock.


We offer free delivery with DHL Express for shipments above 200€, and for shipments below that value, we charge a fee of 10€.

Outside of Europe

We offer free delivery with DHL Express for shipments above 400€, and for shipments below that value, we charge a fee of 20€.

Ordering Below Box Quantity

Normally, we sell inserts in complete boxes. Most of the inserts are packed in boxes of 10 pcs. However, if you want to order one or a few inserts, we offer this service for an additional 3€ per part number. Please be aware that this service is only available for SmiCut products.

This text was last updated 2023-06-01

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