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Thread Milling Knowledge

What is Thread Milling?

Thread milling is a cutting process used to produce threads with a milling operation.

For this you need a CNC-machine which can run in 3 directions at the same time. The thread is made with the circular ramping movement of a rotating tool. You can see this clearly demonstrated in the video “Advantage of Thread Milling”


Frequently Asked Questions

We often get questions about threading and our tools. On this page you will quickly get the answer to your question.


Thread Milling – FAQ


Technical Information

Here, you’ll find all the information you need to make the most of our products. We have detailed technical specifications and instructions on how to use our thread mills to achieve optimal results. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced machinist, our technical information page is a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their machining skills.

Thread Milling

14 advantages


Software for Thread Milling


Threading & Deburring in one operation

Double ThreadBurr

Deburring on both sides!

Vibration-Free Thread Milling

CAD Drawings

3D STEP files

Videos about Thread Milling

Se our popular video with over 200 000 views “The Advantage of Thread Milling”. It gives many examples that show the advantage of thread milling compared to other threading methods.

Learn how to get the best out of your thread milling tool with our Tutorial Video Series of SmiProg. Our popular Thread Milling Software.

If you want to dig deeper on the subject we have a 30 minutes Thread Milling Education that SmiCut presented at the Scandinavian Technical Fair in Stockholm 2010.


The Advantage of Thread Milling


Thread Milling Education

Tutorial Video Series 

SmiProg-  Software for Thread Milling

Important links

Software for Thread Milling


Tools for Thread Milling

Thread Milling Tools


SmiCut Main Catalogue

Technical Documents (PDF)

Cutting Data for Thread Milling

Cutting Data (PDF)

Thread Profiles

Common Thread Profiles (PDF)

Thread Designations

M - Metric (PDF)
UN - Unified (PDF)
G/R - British Standard Pipe Thread (PDF)

Thread Milling

Thread Turning