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We offer top-of-the-line tools for both thread milling and thread turning applications. Our comprehensive selection of solid carbide mills and solid carbide drills ensures optimal productivity and superior performance.

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SmiCut is a global leader in the development, manufacturing, and supply of top-quality threading, milling, and drilling tools. The Schmidt family began creating cutting tools over 60 years ago. Now, with three generations involved, the company continues to focus on threading tools as their primary product.

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We have the best tools available for Thread Milling and Thread Turning. Our program of Solid Carbide Mills and Solid Carbide Drills gives you high productivity.


Deep knowledge and long experience helps you find the best tool. Order before 4 p.m. Western Europe time and we will ship same day.

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Our Online Store not only give you price and availability. It also helps you to choose the correct tool.



CAD Drawings of Solid Carbide End Mills

Streamline Your Manufacturing Process Using CAD drawings in CAD/CAM software is becoming more common each…
internal thread turning tool
Technical Information

Essential Guide to Minimum Bore Diameter in Thread Turning Tools

Why Does Minimum Bore Diameter Matter? When producing internal threads with a thread turning operation,…

Vibration-Free Thread Milling: Improving Productivity and Economy

Understanding Vibrations and their Impact on Machining Vibrations during thread milling can be a significant…
Technical Information
FourCut CAD Drawings: Enhancing Production with 3D STEP Files
SmiCut booth at EMO Hannover 2023
Press Release
Experience SmiCut Innovations at EMO, Hannover 18-23 September 2023
Fraises en carbure monobloc pour l’aluminium
Technical Information
Solid Carbide End Mills for Aluminium
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Distributors Wanted

We are actively seeking distributors to expand the reach of our cutting tools and strengthen the SmiCut brand. Contact us for detailed information about our sales terms, price lists, and more. In addition, we have a multitude of helpful resources to facilitate the sale of our products.

Learn more about our sales terms that could help you expand your business with our high-quality cutting tools.

For End Users

We deliver our cutting tools to end users all around the world. In some regions, we have strong partnerships with local dealers. If we don’t have a suitable dealer in your region, we are happy to sell directly to you.

Please contact us for quotes on the tools that interest you. Payment can be made through international bank transfers or PayPal, which allows for same-day delivery.