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Thread Milling Tools

SmiCut has a complete program of Solid Carbide Thread Mills and Thread Milling Inserts. Discover the top 14 advantages of Thread Milling. Distinctive features of SmiCut’s solid carbide thread mills include:

Technical Assistance and Resources

SmiCut provides the exceptional SmiProg software, a valuable resource for recommending the right tool, cutting data, and CNC program for your needs.

In our Thread Milling Knowledge section, you’ll find a wealth of information, including relevant webpages, videos, and a useful FAQ page page addressing various questions about thread milling and our tools.

Our SmiCut Online Store features a user-friendly menu to help you select the most suitable thread mill for your project. Simply navigate to the “THREAD MILLING application” menu and choose your desired thread to receive tool recommendations.

Informative Videos

SmiCut offers a range of educational videos to enhance your understanding of thread milling. Learn about the benefits of thread milling in one of our videos, while another showcases ThreadBurr, our Solid Carbide Thread Mill that combines threading and deburring in a single operation.

For a step-by-step guide on using SmiProg and discovering the smart features of our thread mills, watch our Tutorial Video Series of SmiProg, with more parts being added over time.

Finally, check out our half-hour seminar held at the Scandinavian Technical Fair in Stockholm 2010, which provides a basic education in thread milling. The presentation features English subtitles for your convenience.

Connect with us!

Distributors Wanted

We are actively seeking distributors to expand the reach of our thread milling tools and strengthen the SmiCut brand. Contact us for detailed information about our sales terms, price lists, and more. In addition, we have a multitude of helpful resources to facilitate the sale of our products.

Learn more about our sales terms that could help you expand your business with our high-quality thread mills.

For End Users

We deliver our thread milling tools to end users all around the world. In some regions, we have strong partnerships with local dealers. If we don’t have a suitable dealer in your region, we are happy to sell directly to you.

Please contact us for quotes on the thread mills that interest you. Payment can be made through international bank transfers or PayPal, which allows for same-day delivery.