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SmiProg is very helpful for getting the best out of your thread milling tool. It produces cutting data and CNC programming code for best productivity and long tool life.
This tutorial video series will help you get the most out of this application. More parts will be uploaded in the future.

Part 1: Introduction (02:38)

A brief introduction of how to use SmiProg.

Part 2: The Basic Features (06:23)

The second part take a closer look at the basic features of SmiProg. See how the different options can help you choose the most suitable Thread Mill for your application.

Part 3: ThreadBurr & Correct Diameter (04:49)

See how to program to have threading and deburring made in the same operation. And how to get the correct thread diameter right from start.


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ThreadBurr - Solid Carbide Thread Mills from SmiCut
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