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To Selected Customers

The exhibition has concluded, and we are excited to present two special offers on our new tools.

1) Vibration-Free Thread Mills – 3 for 1

Buy an M10 Thread Mill. Get M8 and M6 at no extra cost!

Choose between 1,5xD and 2xD.

2) FourCut – Toolholder at no extra cost!

Buy 2 kits with 5 inserts each of HC and LC grade, get toolholder at no extra cost.

Take this opportunity to try out and compare our new LC grade.

Introducing Our New Tools with Strength!

We hope these special offers are of interest to you and that it will make you try out these highly efficient tools. Download the special offer PDF:s from this page!

Download the product documents below to learn more about these new tools.


Vibration-Free Thread Mills (PDF)
LC - New FourCut Grade (PDF)