PRESS RELEASE 2013-09-16

Increasing Program of Thread Mills

SmiCut is specialized in production and marketing of Thread Mills. They are now increasing the program with Micro Thread Mills as small as M1 threads. Before, M2 was the smallest dimension. These small tools have Three Flutes, but only one tooth which means that you have to make spiral interpolation a number of revolutions until you get the correct thread length.

These new Thread Mills are available for M1, M1.2, M1.4, M1,6 and M1.8. There are three lengths for each dimension to get the optimal tool.

Storleken på en micro gängfräs för M1 jämförs med en tändsticka.

Micro Thread Mills are now available from M1

Complete Thread Length from M2

Complete thread length, which means that you get thread ready in one revolution, is available from M2 and bigger. Standard tools are available up to cutter diameter 25 mm and pitch 4 mm. As special SmiCut produce Thread Mills in solid carbide up to 40 mm and pitches up to 6 mm. In addition to Thread Mills for metrical threads, SmiCut produce and stock tools for a wide range of thread profiles.