NEW dimensions of end mills in LC grade

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PRESS RELEASE 2017-02-02

Increasing program of LC End Mills

We are glad to announce that we are increasing our program of 4 flute end mills in LC grade (AlCrN coated), page 64.

Now it is possible to get them as well in a long version in diameter 6, 8, 10 and 12 mm and in normal length in diameter 7, 16 and 20 mm.

All new items are already in stock.

Until now we have had these dimensions only in FC grade (TiAlN coated), page 75.

Solid hårdmetallfräs

Advantages with LC

LC has the following advantages compared with FC:

  • Better price, an average of about 10% cheaper.
  • Super micrograin instead of micrograin carbide.
  • Better coating, a more modern coating that in most materials works better.
  • Higher tolerance, for example 0,03 instead of 0,05 mm on a diameter 8 mm tool.

LC is the first choice

How come that we are able to sell them to a better price when they have better carbide, coating and tolerance? The reason is that these tools are produced in bigger quantities.

As you can see you should choose LC tools as first choice, but the FC program has the advantage that it has more dimensions, especially 2 and 3 flute tools and with corner radius.

Page 64 NEW (PDF 254K)