FourCut – Thread Turning from SmiCut

By September 4, 2017 No Comments

Cost-effective – Four Cutting Edges – for the price of Three

As the price for the inserts are the same, the FourCut threading insert is 25% cheaper as it has four cutting edges instead of three.

Strength – Strong and Stable Machining

FourCut is a vertical insert. This gives a very strong insert. The cutting forces go in to the insert and you don ́t need any anvil as the carbide insert take up the forces.

No problem with the side forces as the at surface of the insert take up these forces. No weak point on the toolholder.

Accessibility – Minimum Waste of Material

With a vertical insert the accessibility gives you two main advantages.

  1. Less waste of material as you don´t need to turn away material to be able to make the thread.
  2. As you have more space you can use a live center when you are turning small diameters. This will give you a stable machining and a better quality of thread.

Optimal Clearance – Perfect Cutting Conditions

The inserts are ground on all sides with a complex grinding technology on 6-axis grinding machines to get a 7° clearance angle all around the thread pro le which gives the following advantages:

  1. Extra clearance on the flanks gives better cutting conditions.
  2. Same toolholder for different helix angles as the extra clearance allow you to have bigger difference in helix angle.
  3. Less clearance on the radius gives stronger cutting edge and longer tool life.