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PRESS RELEASE 2021-11-23

Increased Program of Thread Mills

We have now both increased and improved our program of Solid Carbide Thread Mills.

What is new?

  • Some tools are changed from 4 flutes to 5 flutes. The performance is better, but the price is the same.
  • Ø25 tools don´t exist anymore. We have made the same tool with Ø20. The machining time will be more or less the same, but the price is cheaper.
  • Thread mills for small UNC and UNF threads are now standard.
  • A few more dimensions for pipe threads.
  • Tools with better performance of NS and NM thread mills.
    a) Ø4 shank instead of Ø3 gives a more stable tool.
    b) 4 and 5 flutes instead of 3 gives shorter machining time and longer tool life.
    c) 3xD thread length as standard. A solution for long threads which are difficult to machine.
    d) Bigger dimensions are now available.
    e) Smallest dimension is now M0,5 instead of M1.
    f) Full profile tools from M1 instead of M2.

The old part numbers will be supplied as long as we have them in stock.


Increased Program of Solid Carbide Thread Mills 2021/09 (PDF)
Thread Mill Converter 2021/09 (PDF)
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